Photos des repas commandés dans les différents restaurants
Rachel Julien’s Initiative – Local Restaurants

As you know, the last few months have been very difficult for many businesses, especially restaurants and workers in this industry. Despite all this, we try to keep our spirits up and find solutions and one of them is of course to support our local restaurant owners by continuing to order meals and thus give them the chance to keep their heads above water during this dreaded second wave.
This is why we have decided to offer all our employees three dinners from a restaurant in the surrounding neighborhoods, thus contributing to the survival of the local economy, but also to thank each of our employees, not only for their excellent work, but to underline their team spirit.
In the same vein and with the aim of continuing the annual tradition of the ''Rachel Julien Christmas Party'', our employees accompanied by their families, gathered virtually to share a 3-course meal from Chez Victoire all together. Though unusual, this evening allowed us to thank our employees once again while encouraging a Montreal restaurant owner with a total of 53 meals ordered. Check out their website to learn more about their take-out menu,