construction laurent & clark - avril
Progress of the Laurent & Clark

Last chance to become owner of a unit in phase 1! The one-bedroom unit 1201 is a magnificent cross-sectional condo that has views both on west and east sides of Montreal. Check out the plan here
In terms of deliveries, we are delivered at 98% and the last three deliveries are scheduled these days. Concerning Phase 2, we are happy to inform you that there are only a few units left and that we are currently sold at more than 90%! 
Units of all types are still available. For more information you can visit the project’s website
Pre-closure visits to the gypsum walls began this week and the construction of phase 2 is progressing more and more! Work on the concrete and formwork of the building has now been completed and the curtain wall is now being installed up to the 7th floor. In addition, the tracing and installation of the exterior walls are underway up to the 21st floor and the installation of the interior adjoining walls is underway up to the 6th level. By the end of June, if everything goes according to plan, the windows will be fully installed, and the installation of the exterior walls will be completed.