Laurent & Clark construction, Bassins du Havre, U31
Progress of current projects

Phase 1: Last chance to become owner of a unit in phase 1! The one-bedroom unit 1201 is a magnificent cross-sectional condo that has views both on west and east sides of Montreal. Check out the plan here. The deliveries are going well, we are now at 97 %.
Phase 2: The 13th level concrete slab pouring is complete. If everything goes well, we plan to pour the 17th floor before the holidays. Units of all types are still available. For more information you can visit the project’s website
The deliveries and the sale of these two projects are now completed! Finishing work remains to be completed, but the end of these projects is slowly approaching. The 4 phases of the U31 were a success with a total of 457 units delivered since 2014. For the Bassins du Havre, a total of 505 condos have also been delivered since 2014. We would like to thank all of our precious co-owners for placing their trust in us and for choosing us to carry out their projects!