Fundraising for Hochelaga Community Centre

This unprecedented crisis has affected us all in one way or another, but nevertheless, we are among the privileged who have been able to keep their jobs and who will have the chance to spend a holiday season, certainly different, but comfortable. Unfortunately, we are aware that this will not be the case for many families in the area for whom life is particularly difficult in normal times and who are even more affected by the pandemic.
This is why this year Rachel Julien asked for the help of its employees to give some comfort to these families in need by participating in the distribution of Christmas baskets at the Hochelaga Community Centre. Each year, the Community Centre organizes a distribution of baskets worth $200 each to 50 families in the Hochelaga district. These baskets offer food, items for the home, toys for children, in short, anything that can help these families to have the most pleasant and comforting holiday season possible.
It is a cause that is extremely close to our hearts and if we can influence some to do the same, we will be happy. Check out their website to learn more about different ways to give, www.cchochelaga.org.