Produits ├ęcoresponsables
Our favourite eco-responsible products

Eco-responsible habits are greatly promoted in our office and since we are aware that changes take place collectively, one gesture at a time, we have made it our mission to transmit our eco-responsible values to our employees. With sanitary measures requiring most of our employees to stay at home, we wanted to know what they were using on a daily basis in order to continue their good habits from the office. So, here are 5 interesting responses we received:
Karine: Dishwashing products
To do her dishes, Karine opts for dish soap refills from The Unscented Company in order to avoid wasting plastic containers. She also uses natural double-sided sponges made from nuts. Small tip: since the sponges are quite large, Karine cuts them in half to maximize their use!
Annie: Products Made of Bamboo
Whether it is for her toothbrush, makeup remover pads or for her cotton swabs, Annie is sold to bamboo products from the Quebec company OLA Bamboo! After all, bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly materials due to its biodegradable, compostable and reusable composition.
Carole-Anne: Cleaning Without Chemical Products
Carole-Anne uses the microfiber wipes from Norwex which aim to stop using harmful chemicals. "Favourite product for washing windows with just water, and the results are even better than with a cleaning product! "
Coralie: Bar shampoos
Coralie has been using shampoo bars for some time and she loves it! No more plastic containers! She notably uses products from the Montreal company BKIND. By the way, did you know that one bar of shampoo contains the equivalent of two to three medium-sized bottles of shampoo? Wow!
Lilie: A More Eco-Responsible Litter
Having two cats in the house and noticing that their litter boxes created a lot of waste, Lilie got herself a litter bin which allows her to clean the litter box every day, but only spend one garbage bag a week! Also, Lilie opts for bulk silica litter, which is a 100% natural litter that she gets from Mondou.