Progress of current projects

Phase 1: We are more than 91% delivered, we will soon deliver the 19th floor!
Phase 2: The pouring of the 6th level concrete slab is in progress. If everything goes well, we plan to sink one floor per week after casting the 8th floor.
Sales reached over 87% in phase 2 of the project, for more information, you can visit the project website  www.laurent-clark.com.
The finishing works have started. The water jets in the Phase 4 basin are installed and will be in operation by this fall. In addition, the production of artistic rods in the basin has started. We plan to install the rods and lights this fall, when the ponds are emptied.
For more information, you can visit the project's website www.lesbassins.ca
Construction is progressing well for phase 4! All exterior work on the facades and roof will be completed by early September. The landscaping will be finalized at the beginning of October and we will begin in the next few weeks the finishing of the common areas which we plan to finish towards the end of October / beginning of November.
Regarding deliveries, we have delivered 22 units out of 83, and 32 deliveries are scheduled for September.
For more information, you can visit the website of the project  www.u31.ca.