Laurent & Clark construction, Bassins du Havre, U31
Progress of current projects

Phase 1: Last chance to become owner of a unit in phase 1! The one-bedroom unit 1201 is a magnificent cross-sectional condo that has views both on west and east sides of Montreal. Check out the plan here. The deliveries are going well, we are now at 97 %.
Phase 2: The 13th level concrete slab pouring is complete. If everything goes well, we plan to pour the 17th floor before the holidays. Units of all types are still available. For more information you can visit the project’s website
The deliveries and the sale of these two projects are now completed! Finishing work remains to be completed, but the end of these projects is slowly approaching. The 4 phases of the U31 were a success with a total of 457 units delivered since 2014. For the Bassins du Havre, a total of 505 condos have also been delivered since 2014. We would like to thank all of our precious co-owners for placing their trust in us and for choosing us to carry out their projects!

Laurent & Clark // Exclusive Promotion Maison Corbeil

With the purchase of unit 1201, take advantage of a $ 3,000 credit at Maison Corbeil for the furnishing of your new home!
Unit 1201 is equipped with a semi-private elevator and offers you a clear view of downtown Montreal, Mount Royal and the Parterre of the Quartier des spectacles.
Located in phase 1 of Laurent & Clark, 1201 is available for immediate possession. Consult his plan here and contact our sales team by email or by phone 514-844-9090 to make an appointment.

New project in Hochelaga – Canoë!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Canoë, an innovative new project that will be located in the charming district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.
Considering the latest developments in connection with Covid-19, Rachel Julien has chosen to hold this event virtually on October 7.
Visit the website to view event details and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know!

Progress of current projects

Phase 1: We are more than 91% delivered, we will soon deliver the 19th floor!
Phase 2: The pouring of the 6th level concrete slab is in progress. If everything goes well, we plan to sink one floor per week after casting the 8th floor.
Sales reached over 87% in phase 2 of the project, for more information, you can visit the project website
The finishing works have started. The water jets in the Phase 4 basin are installed and will be in operation by this fall. In addition, the production of artistic rods in the basin has started. We plan to install the rods and lights this fall, when the ponds are emptied.
For more information, you can visit the project's website
Construction is progressing well for phase 4! All exterior work on the facades and roof will be completed by early September. The landscaping will be finalized at the beginning of October and we will begin in the next few weeks the finishing of the common areas which we plan to finish towards the end of October / beginning of November.
Regarding deliveries, we have delivered 22 units out of 83, and 32 deliveries are scheduled for September.
For more information, you can visit the website of the project

Construction Holidays Schedule

Take note that our schedule will be modified for the construction holidays, here are the different schedule modifications for this period.
Rachel Julien: 
The office will be closed from July 17th at noon until August 2nd, 2020 inclusively.
Laurent & Clark: 
The sales office will be open during this period. Please take into account the new schedule:
Monday to Thursday: 11am to 6pm
Friday: closed (by appointment only)
Saturday and Sunday: 12pm to 5pm
514 844 9090

Construction is progressing!

Phase 1: We are more than 90% delivered and there are only 2 floors left to deliver.
Phase 2: The 3rd level concrete pouring is complete. We plan to pour the 4th level this week and the 5th level when we return from the construction vacations.
Sales reached  more than  85% in phase 2, for more information, you can visit the project website
We only have a few units left to deliver in the final phase of the project. The construction team is currently working on the final details of finishes such as the finalization of the roof terrace as well as the finishing of the interior corridors.
For more information, you can visit the project's website
The masonry on the north side of phase 4 is now complete and we expect to complete the installation of the masonry by the end of the month. Regarding the interior finish, we are now installing the kitchens on the fifth level.
For more information, you can visit the website of the project

Laurent & Clark Phase 1 – Unit 1201 for immediate occupancy

Looking for a new unit for immediate occupancy? Here’s unit 1201 that is perfect for you!
This condo will charm you right away with its unique view on the parterre of the Quartier des Spectacles, downtown Montreal and Mount Royal. The grayscale finish choices are sleek and fit perfectly with a modern touch.
Don’t miss your chance! For more information, contact us by email or by phone 514-844-9090 to make an appointment.

5 tips to create an illusion of greatness in your new condo

The delivery of your future home in phase 1 of Laurent & Clark or in phase 4 of Bassins du Havre is approaching, it's very exciting. You have finally arrived at the most crucial stage of all: the decoration of your condo. Without further a due, here are 5 strategies to optimize the spaces in your new home:

  1. Hang some mirrors! Adding mirrors to your walls is probably the simplest and quickest way to open-up a space. For even better results, try installing the mirror on a wall opposite to a window. That way, natural light will be reflected throughout the whole unit. Whether miniature, eccentric, with ornaments or with different shades, mirrors are the key to enhance the space in a room.
  2. Less is more! It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for furniture. However, getting pieces that are too big for the space, will make the unit feeling cramped and will create a suffocating effect. Instead, go for minimalism! With glass furniture or integrated storage furniture, or just smaller furniture, you can create a style that emphasizes on linearity and continuity, and advocates proportion. That way, you’ll get a bigger looking space!
  3. Transparency is key! If you can, we suggest picking out glass or transparent furniture for a light decor. Preferably, pieces without any harsh outlines. This way, your line of sight will be directed all the way to the far back of the unit. Trust us, the space will look and feel much bigger! Whether transparent, translucent or even colored, glass or Plexiglas furniture is a must!
  4. A pop of color! Color is fun! A colorful decorative touch can bring cheerfulness to the room and a refined sense as well. However, adding too much color to a small space can make it feel a little chaotic. Instead, try opting for neutral-toned furniture and reserving that pop of color for all small decorative elements, whether for examples, cushions and plants. That way, you’ll also give a contemporary look to your condo.
  5. Draw the eye upward! For the final tip, we suggest choosing tall, vertical furniture to dress up your walls. By doing so, you will draw the eye towards the ceiling, therefore bringing attention to the height of the unit.

U31 – Last condo of the project

The penthouse 26 in the 4th phase of the U31 project is the last unit available.
The PH26 is a 2-storey 1262 square feet condo with 2 bedrooms. The condo has a big living space as well as a large fenestration. The unit has a wonderful view of the Olympic Stadium.
To view the plan of the unit, click here
For more information, come see our sales team at 3043 Sherbrooke East street condo 104, contact us by email at or by phone 514 270 3100.

Holiday Schedule

Take note that our schedule will be modified for the holiday period, here are the different schedule modifications for this period.
Rachel Julien: 
The office will be closed from December 20th at noon until January 5th, 2020 inclusively.
The sales office will be open for appointments only from December 17 to January 3rd 2020 inclusively.
Sales manager, Nathalie Arnold: 438 837 5938
Sales office: 514 270 3100
Laurent & Clark: 
The sales office will be closed on December 24, 25 and 26th, on December 31st and on January 1st and 2nd, 2020 inclusively.
514 844 9090
Do not hesitate to visit our different websites or to call before coming.
The whole Rachel Julien team wishes you happy holidays and a happy new year.

Laurent & Clark – phase 1 deliveries

The deliveries of our Laurent & Clark project in the Quartier des spectacles started in the month of October. We have a total of 153 deliveries until spring 2020!
Phase 2: The next step is the pouring of the concrete for the ground floor.
The last penthouse of the project that has a view on the city and on the Mount Royal is the PH25.7, a 2-storey 2564 square feet unit. To see the floor plan of this unit, click here.
To consult the floor plans of our available units, visit our website.

Autumn open house weekend

The phase 4 of our U31 project participates to the open house weekend that will happen on  November 2-3, 2019. Pass by our sales office to learn more on our last 3 units: 113 and 117, and the last penthouse of the projet, PH26. 
Sales office:
3043 Sherbrooke East street, condo 104
Monday and Tuesday from 12PM to 7PM
Saturday and Sunday from 12PM to 5PM
Click here to visualize the floorplans of our last units: 

Construction is in progress!

The work is progressing well for the Laurent & Clark project located in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles!
Phase 1: We are in the process of finishing the 18th and 19th floor interior walls, the 5th floor kitchens are now installed, and the bricklaying on Saint-Laurent is coming to an end!
Phase 1 will be ready to welcome its first owners in the fall of 2019!
Phase 2: We are currently excavating the 4th basement.
We are currently at 75% of sales in phase 2, for more information about the project, you can visit at
We have now begun the finalizations for the last phase of the Bassins du Havre. The first deliveries will begin at the end of the month!
Phase 4 common spaces will be ready and accessible in the fall, and exterior masonry will be finalized in the next month.
For more information about the project, you can visit the website
The entrance of the U31 is now finished, we can see the floral patterns before entering phase 3 of the project, and the landscaping will be completed by the arrival of fall!
Phase 4 of the project is moving fast! We are now at the mezzanine floor of the 7th floor and we are starting the construction of the exterior walls this week!
Sales are going very well, and only 3 units are left in phase 4. For more information about the project, you can visit the website

Canoë for C40

After more than a year, today we have submitted the proposal of our team Canoë for De la Commune Service Yard site proposed by the City of Montreal for the C40 cities initiative. It will be an extraordinary project from all perspectives! To learn more about the next steps, follow us!

U31 and Laurent & Clark are participating to the open house week-ends

The open house week-ends will be held on Saturday and Sunday March 30 and 31st as well as April 6th and 7th 2019. Pastries and coffee will be served! You will have the chance to visit our model units of U31 phase 3 and Laurent & Clark’s new sales office.

Bassins du Havre – ACQ award 2019

It is on March 16th, that the Banquet Recognition of the Quebec’s construction Association (ACQ) took place to recognize both the excellence as well as the contribution to the construction industry in Quebec. It is with pride that we have accepted the prize of the project without regulation from 5 to 10 storeys – Western Quebec for Bassins du Havre’s 3 rd phase. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the project!

U31 – Domus Prize

We are proud to announce that phases 1 and 2 of our U31 project are part of the finalists for the Domus Prize in the category: Buyer’s choice/Customer service – New housing. On March 15 th , at the 36 th edition of the Domus Prize Gala at Montreal’s Casino, the APCHQ will award the most prestigious trophies in the construction industry. The Domus Prizes congratulate the best realizations in the housing and housing renovation domains in the big region of Montreal. This nomination again demonstrates the exceptional work of our team.

Canoë for C40- Reinventing cities

We are pleased to announce that Rachel Julien is one of four teams selected by an international jury as part of the first phase of a call for a project for the development of the City of Montreal's De la Commune Service Yard site. The project consists of a potential of approximately one million square feet of mixed-use gross area. The initiative is an initiative of C40, an international group of cities engaged in the fight against climate change. Rachel Julien counts on a leading team to take up this challenge. In addition to Rachel Julien, the core of the CANOË team is composed of White Arkitekter, Figurr, Arup and Convercité. Follow us: FB - Instagram

Rachel Julien launches the Laurent & Clark Phase 2 Penthouse Collection

MONTREAL, October 10, 2018 - Rachel Julien continues the transformation of Montreal's urban landscape by launching today the Penthouse 2 Collection of his real estate project Laurent & Clark. Combining incomparable views with the highest level of design, the Laurent & Clark Penthouse 2 Collection embodies the art of living. Located in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles, the Laurent & Clark consists of two twin buildings, however not identical - combining the best of both worlds between the excitement of the neighborhood nd the serene atmosphere that emerges from the project.

Buyer’s Guide / Purchasing Steps

As a real estate developer, we want to share our knowledge and expertise to support aspiring homeowners and take a step toward financial independence. That's why we created this guide, which is intended primarily as a reminder and a reference document to demystify the purchase process of a new condominium. This buyer's guide will accompany you through the meanders of real estate!

First groundbreaking for Laurent & Clark

Developer Rachel Julien today broke the ground on Phase I of the Laurent & Clark project, a major development in the Quartier des spectaclesMontreal's show district. The first phase of construction on this 21-storey housing project will culminate in the construction of 159 luxury condominiums, scheduled for delivery in 2019. This complex, whose unique architecture makes it among the most highly prized in the downtown area, is destined to become an iconic building for the city. Boasting high-end units with both eastern and western exposure, semi-private elevators, breathtaking views and a spa to rival those found in the best hotels, the Laurent & Clark is a must for discriminating home buyers. The initial phase alone is valued at over $65 million. The project owes its architecture to MENKÈS SHOONER DAGENAIS LETOURNEUX Architectes, and will feature two non-identical towers, as a reflection of the building's duality. One side of the Laurent & Clark development opens up onto the effervescent Quartier des spectacles, which is home to festivals, light shows and museums. The other side opts for a more comfortable and serene ambiance. The design of the dwellings, courtesy of Gauvreau Design, relies heavily on a pure rectilinear approach.