We are pleased and excited to present our brand new residential rental project, Le petit Laurent, which will add 52 distinctive apartments to our real estate portfolio starting in the summer of 2022!

The petit Laurent is distinguished by its exceptional location, but also by its architecture highlighting its two facades. That of Clark Street with a contemporary design in the image of the Quartier des spectacles and that of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, inspired by the history of this artery, the oldest on the island of Montreal.

All apartments with a modern and sleek design are equipped with five appliances in addition to including high-speed fiber internet. The project will include a gym, a street-level business and a rooftop terrace with views of the Esplanade Tranquille.

Located near downtown and several universities such as Concordia, McGill and UQAM, in addition to sitting on the Saint-Laurent metro station, Le petit Laurent is the ideal project for students and workers in the city who want to enjoy a lively location, close to services, and without the unpleasant rumblings of construction.

Visit the www.lepetitlaurent.com to learn more or to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about renting units. Stay tuned, the plans will be available shortly!

Last chance to become owner of a unit in phase 1! The one-bedroom unit 1201 is a magnificent cross-sectional condo that has views both on west and east sides of Montreal. Check out the plan here
In terms of deliveries, we are delivered at 98% and the last three deliveries are scheduled these days. Concerning Phase 2, we are happy to inform you that there are only a few units left and that we are currently sold at more than 90%! 
Units of all types are still available. For more information you can visit the project’s website www.laurent-clark.com.
Pre-closure visits to the gypsum walls began this week and the construction of phase 2 is progressing more and more! Work on the concrete and formwork of the building has now been completed and the curtain wall is now being installed up to the 7th floor. In addition, the tracing and installation of the exterior walls are underway up to the 21st floor and the installation of the interior adjoining walls is underway up to the 6th level. By the end of June, if everything goes according to plan, the windows will be fully installed, and the installation of the exterior walls will be completed.
Eco-responsible habits are greatly promoted in our office and since we are aware that changes take place collectively, one gesture at a time, we have made it our mission to transmit our eco-responsible values to our employees. With sanitary measures requiring most of our employees to stay at home, we wanted to know what they were using on a daily basis in order to continue their good habits from the office. So, here are 5 interesting responses we received:
Karine: Dishwashing products
To do her dishes, Karine opts for dish soap refills from The Unscented Company in order to avoid wasting plastic containers. She also uses natural double-sided sponges made from nuts. Small tip: since the sponges are quite large, Karine cuts them in half to maximize their use!
Annie: Products Made of Bamboo
Whether it is for her toothbrush, makeup remover pads or for her cotton swabs, Annie is sold to bamboo products from the Quebec company OLA Bamboo! After all, bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly materials due to its biodegradable, compostable and reusable composition.
Carole-Anne: Cleaning Without Chemical Products
Carole-Anne uses the microfiber wipes from Norwex which aim to stop using harmful chemicals. “Favourite product for washing windows with just water, and the results are even better than with a cleaning product! “
Coralie: Bar shampoos
Coralie has been using shampoo bars for some time and she loves it! No more plastic containers! She notably uses products from the Montreal company BKIND. By the way, did you know that one bar of shampoo contains the equivalent of two to three medium-sized bottles of shampoo? Wow!
Lilie: A More Eco-Responsible Litter
Having two cats in the house and noticing that their litter boxes created a lot of waste, Lilie got herself a litter bin which allows her to clean the litter box every day, but only spend one garbage bag a week! Also, Lilie opts for bulk silica litter, which is a 100% natural litter that she gets from Mondou.
Valentine’s Day is approaching and why not celebrate your love while supporting a great cause? This year especially, local businesses are in great need of encouragement. This is why we thought it would be interesting to share with you some gift ideas that will delight both your loved ones and a Quebec business owner.
Flowers, a classic!
With social events banned for nearly a year now, florists have been particularly affected in the recent months. Cheer on your local florist and make your other half happy at the same time!
Atelier Floral is one of our favorite florists and offers delivery everywhere in Greater Montreal!
A donation as a gift
Another great way to celebrate this holiday so as to avoid overconsumption is to give a donation as a gift! With a CanadaHelps gift card, you can send a personalized card for the value of your choice and your loved one chooses which organization will receive the funds.
Idées Cadeaux Québec
Idée Cadeau Quebec is the reference in terms of buying local, and has a wide variety of products for her, for him or even for couples! Check out their Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.
We are pleased and especially proud of our team, Ædifica and Adhoc Architects for winning the “Architect of the Year 2020” award in the mixed-use category at The Architecture Community’s TAC AWARDS for the Canoë Project! This honour celebrates the innovation in design and intelligence of this project.
Canoë aims to create an open living environment that will focus on exchange, innovation, and appropriation of public spaces with an exemplary sustainable design approach focusing on the needs of tomorrow. This mixed-use project is intended to accommodate approximately 650 condo units, 200 rental units, 158 units for social housing and 60,000 to 80,000 square feet of retail space.
To learn more on the Canoë project : www.canoemtl.com
Following the latest government measures, please take note that the sales office of the Laurent & Clark will be physically closed until February 8th, 2021.
However, our team still remains available to meet you virtually to answer all your questions regarding the project, the units, the prices and the benefits of buying and living at Laurent & Clark.
There is only one unit left in Phase 1 and Phase 2 is now sold at 87%. Units from all types are still available, don’t miss out!
Visit our website at www.laurent-clark.com or contact us to make an appointment either by email at info@laurent-clark.com or by phone at 514-844-9090 # 1.
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