Condo neuf Laurent & Clark
5 tips to create an illusion of greatness in your new condo

The delivery of your future home in phase 1 of Laurent & Clark or in phase 4 of Bassins du Havre is approaching, it's very exciting. You have finally arrived at the most crucial stage of all: the decoration of your condo. Without further a due, here are 5 strategies to optimize the spaces in your new home:

  1. Hang some mirrors! Adding mirrors to your walls is probably the simplest and quickest way to open-up a space. For even better results, try installing the mirror on a wall opposite to a window. That way, natural light will be reflected throughout the whole unit. Whether miniature, eccentric, with ornaments or with different shades, mirrors are the key to enhance the space in a room.
  2. Less is more! It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for furniture. However, getting pieces that are too big for the space, will make the unit feeling cramped and will create a suffocating effect. Instead, go for minimalism! With glass furniture or integrated storage furniture, or just smaller furniture, you can create a style that emphasizes on linearity and continuity, and advocates proportion. That way, you’ll get a bigger looking space!
  3. Transparency is key! If you can, we suggest picking out glass or transparent furniture for a light decor. Preferably, pieces without any harsh outlines. This way, your line of sight will be directed all the way to the far back of the unit. Trust us, the space will look and feel much bigger! Whether transparent, translucent or even colored, glass or Plexiglas furniture is a must!
  4. A pop of color! Color is fun! A colorful decorative touch can bring cheerfulness to the room and a refined sense as well. However, adding too much color to a small space can make it feel a little chaotic. Instead, try opting for neutral-toned furniture and reserving that pop of color for all small decorative elements, whether for examples, cushions and plants. That way, you’ll also give a contemporary look to your condo.
  5. Draw the eye upward! For the final tip, we suggest choosing tall, vertical furniture to dress up your walls. By doing so, you will draw the eye towards the ceiling, therefore bringing attention to the height of the unit.