Les Bassins du Havre

Located close to Downtown, les Bassins du Havre offers an environment where water is ubiquitous: the Lachine Canal, water ponds at the center of the site, dock-like private terraces, rooftop swimming pools, spa, etc. Built on the Lachine Canal waterfront and surrounded by natural green spaces, the buildings will literally sit on the water.

Pursuing a LEED certification, this unprecedented project reflects a thorough planning process that incorporates parks and outdoor living spaces into the complex. The result gives an impression of inhabited docks.

Discover the charms of this oasis that bustles with energy!


Contractors : Développements des Bassins Inc

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180 Séminaire
Montréal Qc
H3J 1S1
T 514-989-8889
Email: info@lesbassins.ca