The company

About Rachel Julien

Established in 1994 at a time when condo projects were hard to find, Rachel Julien transformed Montreal’s urban scenery, and still continues to do so today. Our team makes every effort to bring together the best industry professionals for each one of our mandates. We work closely with these professionals to create quality housing projects that raise the bar even higher. With a background of over 3000 condo projects and 18 excellence awards, Rachel Julien is proud to be contributing to Montreal’s vitality and to allow thousands of Montrealers to become owners of a quality property.


At Rachel Julien, the vision we share and that unites our efforts is based upon a simple idea: our properties are mainly designed for those who inhabit them. That is why, beyond the numbers and the material used to build these condos, our work consists in providing these individuals, couples and families with the comfort and quality of life they yearn to have.


To us, architecture is one of the most important art forms. It is an art that is made to last and that transcends the times. There is no need to go to a museum to enjoy architecture: it is accessible and open to the world. It is all around us. As real estate promoters, we believe that it is our duty to design projects of high architectural quality that stand the test of time.

Our mission

Transforming and enhancing Montreal’s urban scenery with accessible, innovative and high quality condo projects that help promote the richness of architecture and heritage conservation. We always stay ahead of the real estate industry’s standards, thanks to our concern for our customers’ satisfaction, the family spirit within our company and our desire to constantly push our boundaries. 



Rachel Julien is a team of passionate people with exceptional talent. When I founded my company, I made a commitment to surround myself with a close-knit team that would want to work hand-in-hand on designing outstanding, responsible and accessible housing projects.

We rose to the challenge. Today, our company has managed to earn a strong reputation for excellence, thanks to our experimented team’s professionalism, integrity, transparency and efficiency.

I love Montreal. At a young age, I knew that I would spend my professional life here. With Rachel Julien, I feel privileged to be contributing to the city’s vitality. To me, nothing brings more sense and value to my work than to play an active part in the architectural rise of one of North America’s most beautiful cities, and to help residents become owners of a well-preserved, rich and unique property.



Denis Robitaille

President founder